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DAILY CYBER INSIGHTS: GEN™ Digital - Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

DAILY CYBER INSIGHTS: GEN™  Digital - Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024
Syndicated By Syndicated By: Iain Fraser Cybersecurity Journalist, Gibraltar 

GEN™ the global leader dedicated to powering Digital Freedom through its family of Cyber Safety brands' cybersecurity solutions, today released its top cyberthreat predictions for 2024. Gen experts stress the need for consumers to be on the lookout for highly individualized threats. From cybercriminals using deepfakes to mimic the voice and appearance of family or colleagues to spyware apps delivered via believable ads or direct messages, this year it will be more critical than ever to double check that what you think you see, hear, read and click in 2024 is what it appears to be.

With sophisticated AI, threats will become highly personalized, both for individuals and small businesses

"In 2024, cybersecurity will become even more engrained in the average person's daily life. Long gone are the days when cybersecurity issues were only for companies or the 'most digital' people. Our team of experts foresees AI will play a huge role in how threats will be created, allowing criminals to create even more sophisticated and believable scams," said Michal Pechoucek, Chief Technology Officer at Gen. "Every email, text, advertisement and phone call should be considered carefully to ensure there isn't a scammer on the other side." Learn More /...

About Gen™ - Going beyond digital safety. 

Rooted in our heritage of protecting the first digital generations, our family of consumer brands is focused on powering Digital Freedom and possibilities for generations to come.

Our trust-based solutions will do more than just help nearly 500 million users who use our products and services around the world live fuller, safer digital lives today. We’ll help define what it means to live freely in the digital world of tomorrow. Learn More /...

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