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CYBER RESILIANCE ACT: European Parliament has published its position on the act

CYBER RESILIANCE ACT: European Parliament has published its position on the act 
Syndicated By: Iain Fraser Cybersecurity Journalist, Gibraltar

Friday, 8th September 2023

The Cyber Resilience Act comprises a legislative initiative aimed at introducing cybersecurity mandates, including obligatory security patches and vulnerability management for Internet of Things (IoT) products and interconnected devices capable of data collection and exchange.

The EU lawmakers engaged in the dossier for the European Parliament's principal Industry Committee have deliberated on the incorporation of open source considerations, whether within the preamble
or the substantive text, the duration of product support, reporting responsibilities, and the timeline 
for implementation. After deliberations, the Parliament has now published its common position. Learn More /...

About ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation

ECSO was created in 2016 as the contractual counterpart to the European Commission to implement Europe’s unique Public-Private Partnership in Cybersecurity – cPPP (2016-2020). Building upon the success of the cPPP, ECSO is today the unique European cross-sectoral and independent membership organisation for cybersecurity that gathers and represents European public and private cybersecurity stakeholders and fosters their cooperation. Learn More /...

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