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EUROPOL: Qakbot botnet infrastructure shattered after international operation

EUROPOL: Qakbot botnet infrastructure shattered after international operation 
Syndicated By: Iain Fraser Cybersecurity Journalist, Gibraltar

Friday, 8th September 2023

The malware victimised more than 700 000 computers, with at least EUR 54 million paid in ransoms since 2007 

Europol has supported the coordination of a large-scale international operation that has taken down the infrastructure of the Qakbot malware and led to the seizure of nearly EUR 8 million in cryptocurrencies. The international investigation, also supported by Eurojust, involved judicial and law enforcement authorities from France, Germany, Latvia, The Netherlands, Romania, United Kingdom and the United States. Qakbot, operated by a group of organised cybercriminals, targeted critical infrastructure and busine1sses across multiple countries, stealing financial data and login credentials. Cybercriminals used this persistent malware to commit ransomware, fraud, and other cyber-enabled crimes. Learn More /...

About Europol

Headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands, Europol’s mission is to support its Member States in preventing and combating all forms of serious international and organised crime, cybercrime and terrorism. Europol also works with many non-EU partner states and international organisations. Learn More /...

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