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EUROPOL: 5 arrested in Poland running bulletproof hosting service for cyber gangs

EUROPOL: 5 arrested in Poland for running bulletproof hosting service for cybercrime gangs 
Syndicated By: Iain Fraser - Cybersecurity Journalist - Gibraltar

15th August 2023

The Polish Central Cybercrime Bureau (Centralne Biuro Zwalczania Cyberprzestępczości) under the supervision of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Katowice (Prokuratura Regionalna w Katowicach) took action against, a bulletproof hosting service used by criminals to launch cyber-attacks across the world. 

Five of its administrators were arrested, and all of its servers seized, rendering no longer available. 

This latest success in the fight against cybercrime follows a complex investigation supported by Europol and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Learn More /...

Image Credit: Europol

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