DATA BREACHES: Human error continues to be a huge vulnerability - VERIZON

DATA BREACHES: Human error continues to be a huge vulnerability - VERIZON 
Posted By: Iain Fraser - Cybersecurity Journalist Gibraltar

VERIZON has just released their latest Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)
Aimed at Cybersecurity professionals the report contains in-depth analysis of data-driven, real-world instances of cybercrime and how cyberattacks play out across organizations of different sizes as well as from different verticals and disparate geographic locations.  

As in previous years VERIZON examines what the data tells us about threat actors and the tools they employ against enterprises. This year, VERIZON looked at 16,312 security incidents, of which 5,199 were confirmed breaches. A must read for all Cybersecurity professionals! Learn More /...


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We’re problem-solvers, engineers, technologists, innovators and thought-leaders. Who did Verizon build their network for? People. Every hole dug, every wire spliced, every tower raised, it was for people who wanted to connect to other people, businesses and the world around them. And when you know people are depending on you for those connections, you do whatever it takes. Learn More /...

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