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MOBILE: WhatsApp introduces three new core security features

MOBILE: WhatsApp introduces new security features

Messaging app WhatsApp, now part of Mark Zuckerberg´s Facebook (Meta) have release three new core account protection protocols to enhance the security and privacy of its users - Account Protect, Device Verification & Automatic Security Codes.

1. The Account Protection will simply add another layer of security to its users accounts by requiring a PIN to access user accounts

2. The second Device Verification will bar cyber criminals from hacking into an account to send unwanted messages or inject mobile device malware. 

3. The third Automatic Security Codes which periodically refreshes the security code of a device during message encryption. 

All three features will be available to both Android and iOS operating system users, but will be unavailable by default, so users will need to enable the feature via app settings.

In a post on its Blog WhatsApp said At WhatsApp, we believe that your messages should be as private and secure as an in-person conversation. Protecting your personal messages with default end-to-end encryption is the foundation of that security, and we'll never stop building new features to give you extra layers of privacy, and more control over your messagesLearn More /...

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