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CYBERBREACH: UK Criminal Records Office suffers Cyber incident

CYBERBREACH: UK Criminal Records Office suffers Cyber incident
Posted By: Iain Fraser - Cybersecurity Journalist Gibraltar

11 April 2023

ACRO the UK Criminal Records Office has admitted that its so called "Website Maintenance" was in fact a Cyber incident; at the time of posting no further information is available on the incident. 

ACRO runs the UKs Criminal Records and provides certificates with details of their criminal records to prove probity to a new employer or to support visa applications when applying to travel and work abroad.

First reported by the London Evening Standard the Government department first commented on the incident on its Twitter account claiming the platform was "undergoing maintenance"

Under data protection regulations in the U.K., organizations must inform data subjects within 72 hours if they have suffered a data breach. Accordingly the Agency says it has sent emails to potentially affected users this week, warning them that hackers may have accessed identification information and any criminal conviction data.

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