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THREAT WARNING: NCSC warns of emerging threat to critical infrastructure.

THREAT WARNING: NCSC warns of emerging threat to critical national infrastructure.

19th April 2023

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued an official cyber threat advisory - warning that Kremlin-aligned hacking groups Groups including Killnet are working toward a campaign of 'destructive and disruptive attacks' against the UK´s Power Utilities as well as Critical Infrastructure - with less predictable consequences than those of traditional cyber criminals.

The threat notice was extended to other countries in Europe, as Putin has put them at the top of his country’s foe list

While the cyber activity of these groups often focuses on DDoS attacks, website defacement and/or the spread of misinformation, some have stated a desire to achieve a more disruptive and destructive impact against western critical national infrastructure (CNI), especially the UK. We expect these groups to look for opportunities to create such an impact, particularly if systems are poorly protected.

Without external assistance, we consider it unlikely that these groups have the capability to deliberately cause a destructive, rather than disruptive, impact in the short term. But they may become more effective over time, and so the NCSC is recommending that organisations act now to manage the risk against successful future attacks.

Cabinet Minister Oliver Dowden confirmed on social media that ‘Wagner’s’ will launch devastating attacks to disrupt and destroy the entire energy sector across the UK, but assured that the country’s cyber army was well prepared for such invasions and is excellently equipped to thwart such attacks to the core.

The UK has to not only defend its infrastructure but also to launch retaliatory attacks leading to dismantling Russia from all spheres.

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