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UK Cyber Week 2023 - Where UK Businesses fight back against cyber crime - 4/5 April 2023

UK Cyber Week 2023 - Where UK Businesses fight back against cyber crime
Syndicated By: Iain Fraser Cybersecurity Journalist Gibraltar

15th March 2023

UK Cyber Week 2023 - 4th-5th April 2023
Business Design Centre - Islington, London

We are all in this together, but we believe there is a knowledge gap between the expertise of the cyber community and UK businesses leaders. We want to close that gap. Everyone has their part to play – policymakers, businesses, cyber professionals, IT departments, cyber vendors, software developers, law enforcement, media and educators. Join the community fighting back at UK Cyber Week.

We’re bringing everyone together to level up UK cyber security, demystify jargon, share the latest thinking and learn from truly world-class experts. Our promise is that everyone, no matter how much or how little expertise they have, leaves knowing more and is better equipped.

UK Cyber Week 2023 - 4th-5th April 2023
Business Design Centre - Islington, London

2 days of jam-packed networking and content

UK Cyber Week brings together the cyber and IT communities, as well as business leaders, looking to incorporate and improve cyber strategies across their organisations.

The agenda features over 100 cyber experts, hackers and disruptors; Exhibitors offering ground-breaking solutions; Networking opportunities throughout the day; Meet-ups, Book signings, Live Demos, Capture the Talent Immersive Experience and the Cyber House Party. 

Why Visit

We bring cyber and business communities together to learn from world class experts and leave with the knowledge, tools and skills to protect teams, companies, supply chains and infrastructure from future attacks. 

From phishing to ransomware, viruses to deep fake, cyber crime can bring down governments and organisations. Leaked data, system hacks, and fraud cost companies tens to hundreds of millions of pounds. 

With 95% of cybersecurity issues down to human error, are your policies, procedures, and defences up to date? Learn More /...


An extensive programme of conference-level content for free. Held across 6 theatres, sessions include:

Confessions of a Hacker, Stealing the Crown Jewels, From Offensive to Defensive – How Exposure to Counter-Terrorism Efforts in the Middle East Shaped my Career, Building Cybersecurity Into Your Corporate Culture, An IT Manager’s Guide to Hacking Things Faster, The True Threat to Identity by Modern Attackers Learn More /...


Over 100 cyber experts, hackers, case studies and disruptors.
Google, Microsoft, City of London Police, Thales Group, CIISec, ExpressVPN, Forescout, Crowdstrike. Case studies including Cecilie Fjellhoy (from Netflix's Tinder Swindler). 
Updates from Jayson E Street, biohacker Len Noe and live demos from the BBC and Lazarus Heist's Geoff White. Learn More /...

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