The Best & Worst States in America for Online Privacy (2023 Update)
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23rd March 2023

How Online Privacy Laws Stack Up Across the United States

Cybercrime in the US is expected to cost $10 trillion by 2025. In response to this and other factors, such as the increase in remote working and the Cyberwar with Russia, the US has passed an increasing amount of cybersecurity legislation.

Your privacy is also under attack from within the US. In early 2023, Louisiana passed a law mandating online ID verification without giving much thought to the privacy implications for individuals. And with this kind of initiative quickly spreading to other US states, citizens should keep close tabs on legislation that impacts their privacy and rights.

Let’s take a look at what the US is currently doing on federal and state levels to protect your online privacy. I’ll also show you which states are best for online privacy and how you can protect your privacy if you live in one that falls short.

The State of Online Privacy in The US

Your online privacy – the extent to which your personal, financial, and browsing data remains private when you’re online – depends on where you are in the US. Online privacy laws differ from state to state. For example, in some states it’s not illegal for sites and services to share your information with third parties or track your online activity. 

Without adequate online privacy laws in place, companies can collect, store, share or sell your personal information for questionable ends. You could find you’re being charged more than others based on your online spending habits, income level, or location. 

More troubling, a lack of online privacy and protection on websites leaves security holes that cybercriminals can use to steal your data or identity. Alaska alone saw an average loss of $500 per person due to cybercrime in 2021. Learn More /...

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