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28th Mar 2023 

ChatGPT - the impact of Large Language Models on Law Enforcement 

Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT are undergoing rapid advances and have now entered the mainstream. This marks a significant step forward for machine learning, as it shows its ability to handle both mundane tasks and complex creative tasks. The developments with LLMs hold potential implications for all industries, including criminal ones. So what does this mean for law enforcement?

In response to the growing public attention given to ChatGPT, the Europol Innovation Lab organised a number of workshops with subject matter experts from across the organisation to explore how criminals can abuse LLMs, as well as how it may assist investigators in their daily work. This Tech Watch Flash report analyses the findings of these sessions and includes key information for law enforcement as they continue to scan for new and emerging technologies that affect their work.

In Tech Watch Flash reports, Europol’s Innovation Lab, often working side-by-side with other law enforcement agencies and operational partners, presents analyses of new technologies that could affect the work of law enforcement. Learn More /... 

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