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UKs Anti-fraud measures not fit for purpose - House of Commons Justice Committee

UKs Anti-fraud measures not fit for purpose - House of Commons Justice Committee
By Iain Fraser Cybersecurity Journalist - Gibraltar

A damning report by the UK House of Commons Justice Committee has slated the UK Governments fraud response as not fit for purpose citing that Law Enforcement agencies had fundamentally failed in its efforts to combat the rising pandemic of fraud. It also states that they are woefully under equipped to manage the task concluding that the fraud prevention initiatives in place need “a wholesale change in philosophy and practice” 

In the report published last Tuesday (11th October 2022) the committee outlined the failings of law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders in the failure to even dent current digital crimes as they have inadequate resources.

Despite a commitment to make the U.K. “the safest place in the world to live and work online” the government has presided over a 25% annual increase in reported fraud cases, more than half of which are driven by cybercrime.

According to the Justice Committee report, fraud is estimated to “cost society at least £4.7 billion each year” with less than 8% of reported crimes investigated, finding that “the level of focus from policing is inadequate to deal with the scale, complexity and evolving nature of fraud.”

The committee’s chair, Sir Bob Neill MP, said: “People are losing their life savings and suffering lasting emotional and psychological harm. But the level of concern from law enforcement falls short of what is required.” Learn More - Register Free to receive the full story & my full analysis direct to your inbox or smart device.

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