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DDoS Attacks Delay Putin Speech at Russian Economic Forum

DDoS Attacks Delay Putin Speech at Russian Economic Forum
Posted By: Iain Fraser Cybersecurity Journalist

Hackers crash internet as 'Russian Davos' adjusts to new reality

REUTERS has reported that the start of global pariah Vladimir Putin´s speech to the St. Petersburg Economic Forum last Friday [17 June 2022] was delayed by a severe DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-service) attack  delaying his musings for more than an hour.

A Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov is reported as saying that the forum's accreditation and admission systems crashed after a dedicated denial of service attack. DDoS works by flooding servers with bogus traffic. While he didn't assign blame to any single party, it is widely thought that the Ukraine was responsible for it.

It also gave Russian heavyweight corporates a vision opf the future under global sanctions with Western investors and investment bankers who had turned up in previous years conspicuous by their absence.

However, towing the "party line" State companies made a point of publicly signing deals and many firms had stalls with floor-to-ceiling display screens and glamorous attendants at this the 25th event which the organisers are keen to align its optics with the Davos World Economic Forum.

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