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CYBERSECURITY NEWS/BEST PRACTICE: Password Policy - Advice for business owners - NCSC

CYBERSECURITY NEWS: Password Policy - Advice for business owners - NCSC
Posted By Iain Fraser Cybersecurity Journalist via Cyber PR Wire - Malaga City

The UK National Cyber Security Centre [NCSC] has produced a series of infographics aimed at Individuals & Families, Small Businesses and Organisations & Cybersecurity Professionals. -  I shall be posting these throughout the year as they become poignant or relevant. 

This collection outlines the various password strategies that can help your organisation remain secure, from technical defences to helping your users manage their passwords. This guidance is primarily for system owners responsible for determining password policy.

For information about how to use passwords, please refer to the following:

Today I have posted Password Policy - "How Passwords are discovered" and "How to improve system security" Even when implemented correctly, passwords are limited in helping prevent unauthorised access. If an attacker discovers or guesses the password then they effectively become YOU!

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